Echo Chinese Ensemble

Echo Chinese Ensemble was formed in 2011 by Pipa, Guzheng instructor Yihan Chen. Members consist of Yihan's students. Most of them have many years performing experiences. Through the practices and performances within the ensemble, students can learn and improve their ensemble music capability while explore variability of music including Chinese traditional and modern music, and collaborate with western music. Ensemble welcome anyone who are interested in Chinese music.

回声中乐团是2011 年由琵琶,古筝教师陈一涵创办. 团员目前主要由一涵的琵琶,古筝学生组成. 通过乐团的形式,演奏者可以学习和得到合奏的训练与舞台经验. 还可以接触到更多的中国传统,现代创作,以及与西方乐器的合作曲目. 回声乐团欢迎更多的中国音乐爱好者!