Chen Yihan is one of the world’s reigning virtuosos of the pipa, a kind of Chinese lute with the unique sort of plucked or strummed “twang” that is characteristic of native Asian music.
Chen Yihan then transfixed her listeners with a gripping pipa solo, King Chu Doffs his Armor, which dramatically depicts in music the first military defeat of an ancient Chinese king who thought he was invincible, complete with stylized battle sounds.
--Charleston City Paper 06/07/2012
At Intermezzo IV in the Cathedral of St. Luke and St. Paul, musicians Chen Yihan (pipa), Hong-Da Chin (dadi/dizi), Wang Guowei (erhu/goohu/zhonghu), and Wang Hong (guanzi/sheng) were no less than dazzling as a group and in featured solos. ...;
Chen Yihan displayed an incredible array of power, delicacy, rhythms, and harmonies on her exquisite looking-and-sounding pipa...
--Charleston Today. 06/05/2012

Music From China and Prism Quartet in Carnegie Hall in Feb 3,2012
Ann Yao Trio in Kennedy Center

“The instrumentalist, Chen Yihan, is a charismatic performer of exceptional virtuosity. In her hands, the pipa could sound like Eddie van Halen’s guitar....” Music From Copland House and Music From China in Auditorium of the Freer Gallery in DC.

The Washington post Nov 04, 2011

Interview recorded and broadcast from the studios of KRWG-FM 90.7 on Wednesday, February 6, 2008.

A more organic blending took place in the world premiere of "Scenes Through a Window" by the Chinese American composer Lu Pei. Written for piano trio, erhu and the traditional lute called the pipa, it's an extremely smart, colorful and kinetic piece that builds on traditional Chinese music without ever descending into sentimentality. Utterly graceful playing on the pipa by Yihan Chen made it even more delectable.

The Washington post March 17, 2008

From China, pipa player Chen Yihan whose playing--precise, ethereal, and energetic--kept the audience enthralled throughout her performance. Ms Yihan was pipa soloist for the acclaimed Huaxia Ensemble of Beijing and is currently living in New York.

Concert was co-sponsored by the IU Ethnomusicology Student Association, CASI, & the Lotus Education & Arts Foundation .
Chen Yi's "The Points," for pipa solo, is an unequivocal success. Blending virtuosity and soul, the work was inspired by the brush strokes of Chinese calligraphy (the title refers to the contact points between brush and paper). It was given a magnificent performance by Chen Yihan, who seemed to bring some of the energy of flamenco and even modern rock guitar playing to her intricate plucked figurations.

The Kansas City Star